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Re: problems with ldap_add_s (ITS#1589)

At 07:49 AM 2002-02-07, Thomas.Reith@edag.de wrote:
>with version 2.0.22 I run into problems with the ldap_add_s() function. if
>I try to add a record of "objectClass: groupOfUniqueNames" with one
>"uniqueMember" attribute, there is no problem. but with two or more
>of this attribute ldap_add_s() fails with:

You can only specify an attribute once.  An attribute may have
one or more values.  But you cannot specify the same attribute
twice.  That's illegal and certainly not portable.

In versions prior to .22, slapd (by default) allowed attributes
to be specified multiple times for compatible with slurpd(8)
design.  However, this has lead to the development of non-portable
applications.  Hence, in .22, this liberty is only granted to slurpd
(our other replication clients).  Later versions of OpenLDAP will
likely completely remove this liberty (after slurpd is updated).