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Re: How to check schema through browser? (ITS#1553)

I'm sure Kurt will reply back saying that this isn't really an issue and
more of a general question that should be relegated to another list. Which
he would be right.

Since browsers work with URL's, RFC 2255 has the answer you're looking
for. So if you were looking for all the objectclasses stored in the
server, you could construct a URL like:


of course, you should grab the subschemaSubentry from your base (or more
appropriately from the entry your interested in since the schema, in
theory, can be different for each entry) and use that in the URL above.


On Thu, 24 Jan 2002 pradip.roy@wipro.com wrote:

>  Today I have installed the Open Ldap. The search,add etc going on
> perfectly.  I want to load a schema file(test.schema), so I have created
> one schema file and put it in schema directory also included in
> sldap.conf. Now I don't know how to check through browser...like I am
> able to see
> ldap://localhost:666/dc=example,dc=com
> etc.
> Will you please tell me how can I check the schema files(core.schema,
> test.schema etc) through the browser?