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Re: error: select appropriate LDBM options or disable (ITS#1552)

Probably because you haven't installed the Berkeley DB's?  You can specify 
at the commandline where your database can be found...

Why are you actually installing such an old version of OpenLDAP?  The 
newer versions are supposed to be better?

Good luck anyway,


On Thu, 24 Jan 2002 sreenivasulu_sirasala/peakxv@PEAKXV.NET wrote:

> Dear Support Manager
>      Iam trying to install openldap-1.2.11 on solaris 2.8.But iam getting
> some error as shown below.
> Hope u have the solution for this.
> while compiplng iam getting the error shown below.
> checking for pthread_detach with <pthread.h>... yes
> checking for pthread_setconcurrency... yes
> checking for pthread_getconcurrency... yes
> checking for thr_setconcurrency... yes
> checking for thr_getconcurrency... yes
> checking if pthread_create() works... yes
> checking if select yields when using pthreads... yes
> checking for thread specific errno... yes
> checking for DB2 library... checking for db_open in -ldb... no
> no
> checking for db.h... no
> checking for Berkeley DB2... no
> configure: warning: could not find suitable LDBM backend
> configure: error: select appropriate LDBM options or disable
> I will be thankfull if u send me the solution for this.
> Thanking You
> Sreenu

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