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deleting a bad reference (continued)

I am probably going to end up seriously breaking stuff, but I have been 
trying more to get that entry to go away. I tried using the ldapmodify 
command with this entry:

dn: mail=will@himinbi.org, ou=People, o=Education Department,
  o=Tennessee Tech University, c=US
changetype: modify
replace: ref
ref: ldap://localhost/mail=will@himinbi.org, ou=People, o=Honors, 
  o=Tennessee Tech University, c=US

I figured maybe if I could get it in a good format then I could remove it.
It said it did something, but when I searched again nothing changed. 
(Which is the same issue as with the delete.)

Then I went into /var/lib/ldap and edited the file id2entry.gdbm and 
replaced the front of the entry with ldap://localhost/ (which is 
conveniently the same number of characters as cn=Will Holcomb. Then I 
restarted the server and it showed a change in the entry, but this time it 
displayed ldap://localhost/ou=People, which is again up to the first 

I tried again to modify and delete it to no avail. Then I tried changing 
the url and pulled out the spaces in between the elements and put 
underscores in between the words to fill it out. That would let me see the 
whole entry in a search, but I still can't delete it.

Any suggestions?

Will Holcomb