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RE: LDAP search limits (ITS#1434)

At 06:00 AM 2001-12-05, alawren3@ford.com wrote:
>The bug would be that I'm setting a limit and it is ignored. Unless your telling me I'm justs suggesting to the server how many entries I want and the server is free to ignore it...

sizelimit is enforced by most backends.

It's a restriction upon how many entries are returned to the
client.  Has ZERO to do with how many entries the server may
consider before returning those entries.

When you set sizelimit of N in either the client or as a
slapd.conf direction, do you get more than N entries returned?

If yes, then there is a bug.  Please state which backend you
are using.

If no, then there is no bug.


>Not being able to tell the server to stop after it collects a certain number of entries (on the query) takes away the ability to sample a query space. With a data space that contains 300,000+ entries there is a very large performance difference between sampling 1,000 entries or searching the entire data space for 60,000 entries.
>I can't just set it in the configuration file since the application needs to also be able to do full queries (less frequently) but I can't have the application getting root access to override the config file.
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>I see nothing in your report that indicates that a bug
>exists in OpenLDAP.  As such, I will close this report.
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