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Re-introduce "nentries" in SEARCH result log entry (ITS#1360)

Full_Name: Jim Dutton
Version: 2.0.12
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

The "nentries" (number of entries) statistical output in logfile entries for a
SEARCH was removed from OpenLDAP quite some time ago. A series of simple
re-introduces this quite useful datum for the SEARCH stats output as the last
item in the logfile line.

The patch tarball, "Jim-Dutton-slapdpatch-010928.tgz" uploaded to
OpenLDAP.ORG/incoming, contains the following patch files:

add.c.diffs             daemon.c.diffs          result.c.diffs
bind.c.diffs            delete.c.diffs          search.c.diffs
compare.c.diffs         modify.c.diffs          slap.h.diffs
connection.c.diffs      modrdn.c.diffs          unbind.c.diffs

The results.c.diffs patch adds the 'nentries' item. The other patch files
add an additional field to their respective StatsLog call to allow for another
field in the output, with a value of 0 (zero) for this extra field.