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Re: index corruption (1164) still present in 2.0.15 with db 3.1.17 (ITS#1359)

On Fri, Sep 28, 2001 at 08:41:31AM -0700, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> At 08:25 AM 2001-09-28, leifj@it.su.se wrote:
> >Full_Name: Leif Johansson
> >Version: 2.0.15
> >OS: Linux 2.2
> >URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
> >Submission from: (NULL) (
> >
> >The problem described in ITS#1164 -- severe index corruption after multiple
> >modify operations -- which was assumed to have been fixed in the 
> >OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 branch still occurs (reproducably) in 2.0.15. If this 
> >release was based on the OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 the fix did not work!
> Did you rebuild indices after updating?

If I do that the problem goes away until the next bulk update! An interesting
fact is that add operations seem to be safe -- I do ___large___ add operations
which never corrupt the indices but it's enough to add objectClass=posixAccount 
to ~20 entries to loose this AV-pair on half of them in the objectClass index! 
> Also, I note you are running an early version of Berkeley DB 3.
> This *may* be part of the problem.  It would be interesting to
> see if the problem is reproducible using Berkeley DB 3.3.11
> or Berkeley 2.7.7.  I note that to try either you would need
> to rebuild your database due to file format changes.

I am about to try this. I have built a version with gdbm and a version with 
3.3.11. I will try to reproduce the problem with these two versions. Between 
version changes I reload the db from ldif to elliminate file format problems.

Will get back to you (probably tomorrow) when I have written some test-

	MVH leifj