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Re: modrdn on records under "" suffix (ITS#1173)

> Kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
> > Just so we are clear.
> > 
> > There should never be an entry DSE (an object) whose name
> > is the empty DN within the directory.  The empty DN is the
> > root DSE (which is not an entry DSE).  Any attempt to
> > add or delete "" should result in an error.
> well then you might want to take a look at slapadd. (I can still import
> an empty DN using slapadd.)  I had to use the empty DN before just to
> store and manipulate objects at the top level, but the latest code works
> rather well for me without it. (which is a good thing.)

I'll have a look also at the tools code. However, you should
be careful when using such tools, because they're mainly intended
fo recovery of already checked LDIF data, so, besides some
controls (which I'll try to make stricter), they should be
taken as garbage in-garbage out.

> > It sounds like that's what's been done and if so, great.
> this is correct.  I can now do something like:
> ldapmodrdn -D uid=admin -w xxx -x dc=com dc=org
> which is what I was looking for.

Fine. In this case, thank you for the feedback :)
and watch out for changelogs to see when they make it into the
release code.