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Re: modrdn on records under "" suffix (ITS#1173)

Kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
> Just so we are clear.
> There should never be an entry DSE (an object) whose name
> is the empty DN within the directory.  The empty DN is the
> root DSE (which is not an entry DSE).  Any attempt to
> add or delete "" should result in an error.

well then you might want to take a look at slapadd. (I can still import
an empty DN using slapadd.)  I had to use the empty DN before just to
store and manipulate objects at the top level, but the latest code works
rather well for me without it. (which is a good thing.)

> If one is actually implementing the "root" LDAP service
> (that is, is master the top of the LDAP system) then
> a modrdn with newSuperior "" may make sense as this would
> allow renaming of some entry to be a top-level entry.
> It sounds like that's what's been done and if so, great.

this is correct.  I can now do something like:

ldapmodrdn -D uid=admin -w xxx -x dc=com dc=org

which is what I was looking for.