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Re: Suggested changes for OSX port (ITS#1194)

That change would defeat the purpose of the test.  The
purpose of the test is to ensure pthread_detach works.
If it doesn't, then one shouldn't build --with-threads
as threads will be leaked.

As far as the -fno-common issue, how does configure
fail when this is not set? 


At 02:58 PM 6/8/2001, jrusoff@apple.com wrote:
>Full_Name: Jason Rusoff
>Version: 2.0.11
>OS: Mac OSX
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>I have made two changes to the build system to get OpenLDAP to build and run on
>Mac OSX. I'd like to give these back to openLDAP, but I'm not sure how best to
>add #IFDEFS or other tests to the build scripts to add these changes in  a clean
>manner. So here are the changes. I'd be happy to talk in emails about how I
>should add these to the scripts in a clean manner.
>In OpenLDAP.m4 at around line 689 I added:
>        if ( status == EINVAL)   <<<< new
>                status = 0;                       <<<<new
>#ifdef HAVE_LINUX_THREADS   <<<< existing
>        pthread_kill_other_threads_np(); <<< existing
>#endif                                                  <<<< existing
>This change works around a bug in the Darwin PThreads lib.  We will be fixing
>this pthreads bug, but for now, this allows the build to proceed properly.
>Also, in configure.in at about line 552 I added:
>This compiler flag is needed for Darwin's dynamic libs. 
>With these two changes everything builds and runs. I'd be glad to talk in more
>detail about these changes if you would like. If there is anything else I can do
>to help get these into your main codebase, please let me know.
>Thanks much,
>Jason Rusoff