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Suggested changes for OSX port (ITS#1194)

Full_Name: Jason Rusoff
Version: 2.0.11
Submission from: (NULL) (

I have made two changes to the build system to get OpenLDAP to build and run on
Mac OSX. I'd like to give these back to openLDAP, but I'm not sure how best to
add #IFDEFS or other tests to the build scripts to add these changes in  a clean
manner. So here are the changes. I'd be happy to talk in emails about how I
should add these to the scripts in a clean manner.
In OpenLDAP.m4 at around line 689 I added:
	if ( status == EINVAL)   <<<< new
		status = 0;                       <<<<new
#ifdef HAVE_LINUX_THREADS   <<<< existing
	pthread_kill_other_threads_np(); <<< existing
#endif                                                  <<<< existing
This change works around a bug in the Darwin PThreads lib.  We will be fixing
this pthreads bug, but for now, this allows the build to proceed properly.
Also, in configure.in at about line 552 I added:
This compiler flag is needed for Darwin's dynamic libs. 
With these two changes everything builds and runs. I'd be glad to talk in more
detail about these changes if you would like. If there is anything else I can do
to help get these into your main codebase, please let me know.
Thanks much,
Jason Rusoff