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Re: behaviour change with releases >= v2.0.8

At 07:40 AM 5/18/01, David E. Storey wrote:
>Been a while.  Had a couple things to report:
>I have four LDAP servers with a null root. (suffix "") All OpenLDAP
>versions <= 2.0.7 did just fine with it.  Any recent release complains
>whenever I try to import anything underneath that entry. (a dn of
>nothing imports just fine, but everything else won't import because the
>"database is not configured to hold" such entries) Is this a bug? Or is
>it just a stricter conformance to the RFC's?

If 2.x version allows import of an entry named with the empty
DN, that's a bug!  ("" is the Root DSE, not a normal entry).

2.x should allow an suffix of "" and allow you to add entries
under "" without having to add "".  However, there could be
bugs in this code as it requires a lots of special cases in
the code.

>Whenever I try to perform a ModifyDN operation on a record that has
>children, the ModifyDN succeeds in modifying the DN of that record,
>however, all the children a alienated and no longer appear underneath
>the changed record.  Is this a bug or something that hasn't been
>implemented.  I know section 4.9 of RFC2251 says that ModifyDN's can
>occur on records that have children, but it doesn't specify what happens
>to the children.

That's an unidentified bug.  2.x should report an error.  (LDAP
allows a whole tree to be renamed, but OpenLDAP doesn't support
that so it should report an error when attempted).