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Re: behaviour change with releases >= v2.0.8

BTW, in regards to the Modify DN problem... did you import
your entries via ldapadd(1) or slapadd(8)?


At 08:21 AM 5/18/01, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>At 07:40 AM 5/18/01, David E. Storey wrote:
>>Whenever I try to perform a ModifyDN operation on a record that has
>>children, the ModifyDN succeeds in modifying the DN of that record,
>>however, all the children a alienated and no longer appear underneath
>>the changed record.  Is this a bug or something that hasn't been
>>implemented.  I know section 4.9 of RFC2251 says that ModifyDN's can
>>occur on records that have children, but it doesn't specify what happens
>>to the children.
>That's an unidentified bug.  2.x should report an error.  (LDAP
>allows a whole tree to be renamed, but OpenLDAP doesn't support
>that so it should report an error when attempted).