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Logging broken in -devel (ITS#1143)

Full_Name: Simon Wilkinson
Version: 10/05/2001 CVS pull
OS: Linux
URL: http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/sxw/openldap-debug1.patch
Submission from: (NULL) (

Logging doesn't work correctly in the CVS HEAD branch. 

The problem is that with the NEW_LOGGING code, where global values are used the
code erroneously skips them (there's a 'return' where there should be a
For example -
./slapd -d 1

doesn't work, whereas ./slapd -d operation=1 does

A patch against libraries/lutil/debug.c is at the URL referenced below. This
replaces the erroneous return, and adds some additional checking to allow the
through to work correctly.

There are assorted other problems with the new debugging code, I'll open
reports for each of these.