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About Replication (ITS#982)

Full_Name: Eugene Yu
Version: 1.2.9 & 2.0.7
OS: RedHat 6.2
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

1. reject fils
   For some prolbem, the replication operation failed and generated a .rej file.
After fixed the problem, the replicaton return normal, and I did a "one-shot"
replication for .rej file, but still failed. I found the timestamp in .rej file
is earlier than the timestamp in slurpd.status file. so I changed the timestamp
in .rej file to later than the timestamp in slurpd.status. it worked.

2. replicaiton log file
   A user did a modification operation in master ldap, it successed in master
ldap but did not do replication to slave ldap. I found the record still in the
log file which I defined in slapd.conf, I seemed the slurpd don't read it from
this log file and hang on, How can I know the ldap server working properly in
such situation?

3. slurpd.replog
   This file will become bigger and bigger, so I should truncate it manually,
after I truncate or delete it, so I need a restart of slurpd, right?

Much Thanks