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Re: More on the hang bug (ITS#980)

At 11:59 AM 1/23/01 -0500, Mike Schiraldi wrote:
>(BTW, how do i make an ITS account or log in once i have one?)

You cannot.  You augment an ITS by sending e-mail to the
openldap-its@openldap.org and include the "ITS#nn" string
in the subject (where nn is the ITS number).

>Regarding bug 979/980, i've been looking at calls to select(). It happens
>three times before hanging. The first is on the socket connected to the
>referring server. That makes sense. The second call is looking for news on
>EITHER the referring server or the referred-to server. Is this correct, or
>did someone forget to call FD_ZERO? It seems the hang would go away if the
>second call only looked for news on the referred-to server's socket at
>this point. The third call is looking for news on the referring server's
>socket. However, there will be no news, because the server has already
>sent its search result and it's time for the client to send its unbind.