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Re: lanmanager hash algorithm (ITS#899)

The patch includes code based upon Samba 2.0.7.  Samba license
is such that we cannot accept code derived from Samba.  I
suggest you look for a public domain or non-restrictive
implementation of the borrowed code.  You could likely write
such code from scratch.


At 07:04 PM 11/20/00 +0000, klasen@zdv.uni-tuebingen.de wrote:
>Full_Name: Norbert Klasen
>Version: head-20001120
>OS: Linux
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/norbert.klasen-20001120.patch
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>I've added the lanmanger hash algorithm as used by Windows to 
>This is to faciliate transition from a Windows NT Domain (or W2k AD) to
>With the pwdump tool (http://www.webspan.net/~tas/pwdump2/) one can dump the 
>needed password hashes from the NT SAM. I've also written a small Perl script to
>convert the output of pwdump to a ldif file, which can be loaded into the
>This script could go into contrib or alternatively I can put it on our
>Norbert Klasen
>DFN Directory Services                           tel: +49 7071 29 70335
>ZDV, Universität Tübingen                        fax: +49 7071 29 5912
>Wächterstr. 76, 72074 Tübingen              http://www.directory.dfn.de
>Germany                             norbert.klasen@zdv.uni-tuebingen.de