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Re: OpenLDAP 2.0.6 -> 2.0.7 problem (ITS#890)

chabrol@webonomics.de wrote:

> What's the difference?

Code is becoming more and more RFC-compliant, but in some cases that
compliance affects uses that were common in the past, but always
were dubious if not plain wrong.

I think you used to have your special characters coded as ISO 8859-1.
You cannot do that, they have to be in UTF-8 (an encoding of Unicode
and ISO-10646).

> And how can I fix this problem to be able to import my old
> directory-data?

Sorry, I think you will have to translate them.  And your old
applications will have to be reconfigured for UTF-8.

Sucks, I know, but OpenLDAP 2.x follows LDAPv3 and that mandates