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Re: missing libtool --only-static for backend (ITS#881)

Hi Kurt,

thanks for your reply.

> >While compiling the server backends libtool is called with --only-static.
> >My libtool Version 1.3.5 does NOT support a switch like this.
> Yes.  But note that you do not need to install libtool to install
> OpenLDAP.  The OpenLDAP build environment is self contained and should
> not be mucked with except by developers experienced with the build
> environment and the tools used to produce it.

I have installed the standard libtool on my system and used it in various projects.
If you untar and
configure/compile the openldap distribution you will use the system wide available
libtool. If you deinstall
libtool the configure/compile process is fine.

> >I think if you use a non standard tool like this, give at least a pointer where
> >to get the modified package.
> The custom libtool scripts used by OpenLDAP are provided with the
> distribution:
>   build/ltconfig
>   build/ltmain.sh

Yupp, what I asked for is a hint in the documentation (INSTALL may be) as I assume
that there might be others struggling around with this.  (At least I haven't found

regards Achim