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Re: missing libtool --only-static for backend (ITS#881)

At 11:00 AM 11/9/00 +0100, Achim Reckeweg wrote:
>> >While compiling the server backends libtool is called with --only-static.
>> >My libtool Version 1.3.5 does NOT support a switch like this.
>> Yes.  But note that you do not need to install libtool to install
>> OpenLDAP.  The OpenLDAP build environment is self contained and should
>> not be mucked with except by developers experienced with the build
>> environment and the tools used to produce it.
>I have installed the standard libtool on my system and used it in various projects.

Some packages may use custom versions of libtool.  You should generally
use the version of libtool shipped with the package.  If you replace
any component of a build environment, you are responsible to ensure
the resulting build environment is consistent.

>If you untar and
>configure/compile the openldap distribution you will use the system wide available

Not true.  OpenLDAP will use the version of libtool provided with
the package unless you muck with it (such as by running libtoolize
or something).

>If you deinstall
>libtool the configure/compile process is fine.

Or if you don't muck with the provided libtool.

>Yupp, what I asked for is a hint in the documentation (INSTALL may be) as I assume
>that there might be others struggling around with this.  (At least I haven't found

Only those who muck with the provided packaging have had problems.
Those who muck are on their own.