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Re: back-sql hack

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Dmitry Kovalev wrote:

> Hello, Emile!
> I reviewed the patch you sent, it needs some work to eliminate
> hardcoding of parameters...
> Besides, I came across another idea about why you could have problems
> with SQLConnect... ;)
> Did you specify dbhost directive in your configuration? If yes - this
> could cause the problem, because it is being passed to SQLConnect to
> override host specified in datasource definition. If the directive is
> absent, NULL is passed, and all works fine (I checked once more - it
> works fine with my installation of MS SQL Server). As in sample, I
> provided only dbname directive, which stands for DSN really, and
> dbuser/dbpasswd to override those in datasource definition.
> Please check if _this_ is the problem, because it would save me a lot of
> time checking new patch against all those RDBMSes ;)

Hi Dmitry,

sorry ( me this time ;) ) for the delay.
Please kick my ass many times, I really missed something :))
The error I did wasn't to put a dbhost but on dbname, at the dbname
directive, I wrote the database name instead of the dsn. Stupid me.
Thanks a lot for your patience, and sorry if I had you affraid =))


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