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Re: back-sql hack

Hello, Emile!

I reviewed the patch you sent, it needs some work to eliminate
hardcoding of parameters...

Besides, I came across another idea about why you could have problems
with SQLConnect... ;)
Did you specify dbhost directive in your configuration? If yes - this
could cause the problem, because it is being passed to SQLConnect to
override host specified in datasource definition. If the directive is
absent, NULL is passed, and all works fine (I checked once more - it
works fine with my installation of MS SQL Server). As in sample, I
provided only dbname directive, which stands for DSN really, and
dbuser/dbpasswd to override those in datasource definition.

Please check if _this_ is the problem, because it would save me a lot of
time checking new patch against all those RDBMSes ;)

WBW, Dmitry

Emile Heitor wrote:

> Hi again & again,
> Well, it seems to work. I have modified sql-wrap for this, it still
> needs a bit of work but I'm in the right way.
> I simply replaced the "SQLConnect" call by a "SQLDriverConnect" call,
> which is the one used on odbctest. Since then, the connection between
> slapd & the ms sql server occurs.
> I'll keep you informed =)
> seeya,
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