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Re: Referrals not handled correct (ITS#538)

OpenLDAP 1.x implements LDAPv2+.   That is, LDAPv2 with experimental
extensions to support LDAP referrals pioneered by the U-Mich LDAP
team..  These are differnet from the "referrals" meantioned in RFC
1777.  RFC 1777 was referring to X.500 referrals that an LDAP->X.500
gateway might receive from DAP.

If you don't like LDAPv+ referrals, do not configure your server
to return them.

>Tests performed with common LDAP clients have shown that they correctly,
>are not able to handle referrals.

Many clients handle LDAPv2+ referrals (because widely available
SDKs support LDAPv2+ referrals) and those that don't should
degrade nicely (and treat the v2+ referral as an unknown error).

We intend fully to maintain our U-Mich LDAPv2+ support.
See http://www.umich.edu/~dirsvcs/ldap/doc/other/ldap-ref.html
for details on this extension.