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Referrals not handled correct (ITS#538)

Full_Name: Lars Christensen
Version: All
OS: Solaris
Submission from: (NULL) (

OpenLDAP (slapd) does not handle referral objects correct. RFC1777 states that
servers are expected to handle referrals without resorting to the return of
referrals to the client.". OpenLDAP-1.2.10 (and earlier) DOES incorrectly
referrals to the client.

Tests performed with common LDAP clients have shown that they correctly,
are not able to handle referrals. Netscape (unix) treat the
the returned referral as an "error" but displays the result anyway,
while Unux Pine and MSIE5.0 treat it as an error are reports that "no
entries were found.".

The error shown in netscape and unix pine is: "Partial results and
referral received (0x09)".