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Re: SASL/TLS command line options for clients/tools/ldap* (ITS#503)

Excepting problems with builds without SASL/TLS, I see no
significant reason why this should not be committed.  Can
you fix the --without-cyrus-sasl --without-tls issues.


At 07:40 PM 4/18/00 GMT, gombasg@inf.elte.hu wrote:
>Full_Name: Gábor Gombás
>Version: 2.0-devel
>OS: Debian Linux 2.2
>URL: http://valerie.inf.elte.hu/~gombasg/ldap/openldap-tools-args.2000-04-18
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>I've implemented the SASL/TLS related command line options as listed in
>The patch against the current CVS version can be found at
>The patch contains the following modifications:
>- 3 new SASL related LDAP Session Handle Options for getting/setting the
>  maximal and actually used SSF values
>- unified format of the printed usage information for the ldap* tools (options
>  sorted alphabetically). I took the format from ldapsearch and made the other
>  look like it.
>- handling of options E, I, U, X, Y and Z
>- SASL bind support
>- manual page updates for the new options
>The patch is a little big because most modifications are repeated 5 times. Note
>the patch does not contain the code needed to make SASL integrity
>actually work, so the -E and -I options has no effect.