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Re: shell-backend/result.c bug

Please file an ITS with a unified diff (-u), thanks.

At 02:35 PM 4/14/00 -0700, Mei-Hui Su wrote:
>  We found a bug in servers/slapd/back-shell/result.c in 1.2.9 and
>also in 1.2.7 and the development tree. What happens is that when
>buf got 'reallocated', the bp (the buf place pointer) did not get
>moved. This will lead to memory corruption and seg faults. This is 
>the patch for it,
>hammie 58% diff new_result.c result.c
><       int     bsize, len, offset;
>>       int     bsize, len;
><                       offset = (int) (bp - buf);
><                       bp = buf + offset;
>  We have already double checke the other back-X directory in 
>1.2.7 and 1.2.9 and developement tree. back-ldbm's search.c got
>it correctly. But in the development tree's servers/slapd/back-tcl's
>tcl_modify.c(1) and tcl_util.c(2), there are similar problems.