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Re: Help ! I lost users in openldap

On Mon, Feb 21, 2000 at 08:28:33PM +0800, zhang ben yu wrote:

> I use openldap1.2.7 in linux(kernel 2.2.10) to store lots(about 2-3 million
> entries) of user infomation(including cn, password, mail ...).  The amount of
> users is increasing everyday. 
> It woeks well most time, but yesterday an emergency happened.:-( some users'
> information were lost! I could not ldapseach it , and then i tried 'ldbmcat
> -n id2entry.dbb', still nothing found about them. At last i recover from some
> old backup files. some changes are lost for ever! The BOSS is very angry
> about that!
> why this happened? How to prevent it? How to deal with it? Any Idea or
> suggestion is welcome!!!!

Maybe someone on the list (not I) will figure it out better if you
provide more information when you say "an emergency happened".  Did
you have a power failure?  A system crash?

Traces from the logs?