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substring searches very broken HELP HELP URGENT :-( (ITS#402)

On Wed, Dec 08, 1999 at 02:12:35PM +0000, ahu@casema.net wrote:

> > > Sounds like index corruption.  I'm pretty sure we have a bug.  Until we
> > > have time to look into it, I suggest you rebuild your indices.
> On a side note, this occurs with attributes that have multiple values (1 to
> 3 currently). Maybe that's related.

As the saying goes, we are in deep shit. We reindexed our LDAP database
using the following process:

	- stop all clients from writing to us
	- copy the raw data files
	- run ldbm2ldif on the copied id2entry
	- run ldif2index on the copy and feed it the ldif created by
          ldbm2ldif (with another slapd.conf, so it generates the index
	- stop slapd
	- copy the generated file (maildrop.gdbm) over the 'broken one' in
	- start slapd
	- sync the replicas by copying the files

We hoped that this would solve our failing substring searches, ie
'(maildrop=*,1234567-1@popstore2.casema.net,*)', which don't return anything,
though they should, because the entry is there.

However, after reindexing, *new* problems have popped up. Lots of queries
started failing. Problems can be solved by reading an object, deleting it,
and feeding it back to ldap. But this takes time.

We are really desparate currently and try to modify the ldap database as
little as possible.

We are running OpenLDAP-1.2.6-RELENG which a few days later became 1.2.7.
This is on Solaris 2.6 with gdbm backend. Before upgrading to 1.2.8, we want
to be sure if this would help us. I read here that 1.2.8 was worse in this

Would a move to sleepycat be wise?    


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