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Re: substring searches very broken HELP HELP URGENT :-( (ITS#402)

At 03:32 PM 12/16/99 GMT, ahu@casema.net wrote:
>On Wed, Dec 08, 1999 at 02:12:35PM +0000, ahu@casema.net wrote:
>> > > Sounds like index corruption.  I'm pretty sure we have a bug.  Until we
>> > > have time to look into it, I suggest you rebuild your indices.
>> On a side note, this occurs with attributes that have multiple values (1 to
>> 3 currently). Maybe that's related.
>As the saying goes, we are in deep shit. We reindexed our LDAP database
>using the following process:
>	- stop all clients from writing to us
>	- copy the raw data files

you should stop slapd before copying the database files.  You
only need to copy id2entry.  I recommend leaving it down (clients
can continue reading from replicas).

>	- run ldbm2ldif on the copied id2entry

I assume you mean ldbmcat.

>	- run ldif2index on the copy and feed it the ldif created by
>          ldbm2ldif (with another slapd.conf, so it generates the index

I suggest you run ldif2ldbm to rebuild the entire database.

>	  elsewhere)
>	- stop slapd

make sure all slurpd are down and all replogs are removed before
starting the master.  Then for each replica: stop, replace db
with new, restart.  Then, restart slurpd.

>We are running OpenLDAP-1.2.6-RELENG which a few days later became 1.2.7.
>This is on Solaris 2.6 with gdbm backend. Before upgrading to 1.2.8, we want
>to be sure if this would help us. I read here that 1.2.8 was worse in this

I believe the enabling of DN substring indexing in 1.2.7 caused
some problems, it's disabled by default in 1.2.8.

>Would a move to sleepycat be wise?    

I do not believe the problems are specific to gdbm nor bdb2.

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