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Re: Substring searches failing - fixed by reading, deleting and adding object (ITS#386)

On Sun, Dec 05, 1999 at 04:47:56AM +0000, kurt@boolean.net wrote:

> OpenLDAP syncs writes to disk upon each modify.  Can be quite slow.  You
> can get significant speed by disabling write sync, but it's somewhat
> dangerous.

OpenLDAP is about as mission critical to us as a system can get, so we won't
be trying that :-)

> >you add any more (maildrop=blah@cas*), the search doesn't return any objects
> >anymore.
> Sounds like index corruption.  I'm pretty sure we have a bug.  Until we
> have time to look into it, I suggest you rebuild your indices.

We will. This will probably mean that users won't be able to update their
passwords or mailforwarding for half a day. I will store a copy of the old
database files and retry the queries with more debuggin.

It's a sad thing that Sparc and Intel differ in byteorder. Reindexing on
Linux is a full order of magnitude faster than doing it under Solaris.


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