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Re: Substring searches failing - fixed by reading, deleting and adding object (ITS#386)

At 01:58 PM 12/1/99 GMT, ahu@casema.net wrote:
>We are very satisfied OpenLDAP users, often peaking at over a 100 queries a
>second sustained, our ISP depends on it!
>However, we have a grave problem that is worrying us.
>We have an attribute called maildrop that we search a lot on, with two kinds
>of filters:
>Both of these filters fail sometimes. We then read the entire object, delete
>it from LDAP, and insert it again. This fixes the problem.

This sounds like index corruption.

>This however is very slow and we have the feeling something is very wrong.
>We are using OpenLDAP 1.2.7 with gdbm. Any clues on what might have caused

OpenLDAP syncs writes to disk upon each modify.  Can be quite slow.  You
can get significant speed by disabling write sync, but it's somewhat

>We see that when the first filter fails, (maildrop=blah@*) usually *does*
>find the object. There is an initial amount of chacters where it works. If
>you add any more (maildrop=blah@cas*), the search doesn't return any objects

Sounds like index corruption.  I'm pretty sure we have a bug.  Until we
have time to look into it, I suggest you rebuild your indices.

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