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Re: openldap-stable fails tests on Solaris, segfaults.

At 10:59 PM 9/22/99 +0100, Paul Barnfather wrote:
>> Then, assuming the ACL tests fails, I suggest doing the diff by hand
>> and using this to determine which operation failed.  Knowning this,
>> I'd then examine master.log to determine why it failed.
>Thanks for the help so far, Kurt. I apperciate it. The answer'a gotta be
>here somewhere.

I'm sure the answers somewhere in your log file...  but
finding it is another thing.

Since the modify and modrdn tests pass, I suspect it's something
related specifically to ACLs.  I've heard of some POSIX regex
problems under Solaris, but I don't recall exactly what version.
You might try grabbing GNU regex or GNU rx and give them a whirl.
You might also try GDBM to eliminate BerkeleyDB as the cause.