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Re: openldap-stable fails tests on Solaris, segfaults.

At 09:29 AM 9/22/99 +0100, Paul Barnfather wrote:
>No luck so far :-(
>If I remove thread support with:
>as suggested by Kurt, the tests fail at exactly the same point.

Okay, one possible cause eliminated...

>Doesn this suggest that something other than thread problems is
>the cause, or am I way off base?

Seems likely not thread related.  I'd continue with --without-threads
until this problem is resolved.  It's much easier to debug without

> Clearly something is very wrong with my build :-(

Well, I guess the first thing I would suggest is to:
 % make veryclean
 % ./configure --without-threads
 % make depend
 % make
 % cd tests; make

Then, assuming the ACL tests fails, I suggest doing the diff by hand
and using this to determine which operation failed.  Knowning this,
I'd then examine master.log to determine why it failed.

> next_id_read: could not open "Segmentation Fault

This looks like an unrelated bug... it appears that
li->li_next_id_file not being initialized when no "directory"
directive was specified for the database.  I'll commit a fix
to REL_ENG_1_2.