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Re: change to ITS#136

Forwarded to ITS#136 to help the next poor soul.

At 10:20 AM 6/7/99 -0700, Alan Sparks wrote:
>Couple of notes on Release 1.2.3...
>Build environment: HP/UX 10.20, GCC 2.8.1, Sleepycat db-2.7.5...
>ITS #136 (coredump on cn=config) does /not/ seem to happen anymore under
>this build environment.  Perhaps this issue can be closed (since I submitted
>it, it's OK by me :-).

I'm just now thinking that this problem may have been due to a bad
REGEX library as was found on Solaris 2.4.  (Ie: some versions of
HP-UX may also have a bad REGEX library).

If you run into this one again, try using a replacement REGEX.