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Queries to multi-ldbm dirs not like single-ldbm dirsle (ITS#177)

Full_Name: Albert John FitzPatrick III
Version: 1.2.1
OS: RedHat-5.2/Linux-2.0.31
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (


If I create an LDAP directory using multiple ldbm databases then I
cannot locate all records with a simple query.  Whereas the same query
issued against the same data stored in a directory using a single ldbm
database returns the expected result.

I loaded the directory with entries similar to the following:

  dn: o=myorg
  objectClass: top
  objectClass: organization
  o: myorg

  dn: ou=People,o=myorg
  objectClass: top

  dn: ou=Roaming,o=myorg
  objectClass: top

  dn: uid=test,ou=People,o=myorg
  objectClass: top

I then used the command "
	ldapsearch \
		-h \
		-s sub \
		-b o=myorg \
		-D 'uid=root,ou=People,o=myorg' \
		-w 'stupidpw' \
" to query *all* entries within the directory.

The above query, assuming that the bindDN is the rootDN and the bindPW is
the rootPW (for all databases), should return all of the above entries.  It
will if they are all store within a single ldbm database.  It will not if
the ou=People,o=myorg subtree and the ou=Roaming,o=myorg subtree are each
stored in separate ldbm databases (making for a total of three ldbm

Albert FitzPatrick