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slapd returning results when specifying a subtree as the base (ITS#176)

Full_Name: Jason Bodnar
Version: OpenLDAP 1.2
OS: Linux 2.2 and Solaris 2.6
Submission from: (NULL) (

The schema I'm using is:

dn: o=Tivoli Systems
dn: ou=people, o=Tivoli Systems
dn: ou=internal, ou=people, o=Tivoli Systems
[Bunch of people entries]

(There are other branches but they're not important.)

If I do: ldapsearch 'cn=Jason Bodnar' the entry is returned. (BASE is set to
o=Tivoli Systems in ldap.conf.)
If I do: ldapsearch -b 'o=Tivoli Systems' 'cn=Jason Bodnar' the entry is
If I do: ldapsearch -b 'ou=people, o=Tivoli Systems' 'cn=Jason Bodnar' nothing
is returned. I just get my bash prompt.

If I try a similar search on a Notes R5 server or a Netscape Directory Server
the entry is returned.

So, I'm guessing there's either a bug in slapd or somethings wrong with my data.
Browsing the schema with a graphical ldap client like gq shows that the tree
structure is fine.