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Re: Building on Solaris x86 (ITS#46)

At 10:42 PM 1/18/99 GMT, studio4d@idt.net wrote:
>I had many problems with the installation for Solaris on
>Intel, from the configure script to the actual build.

>I found
>a couple of answers for config overrides -- but I do not
>think that it should be so difficult.

Neither do I.  However, Sun is making it extermely difficult
to support Solaris without user intervention.  Putting a
pthread_create in -lc is bad enought, but they also put
pthread_t in <sys/types.h>.  The latter makes it extremely
difficult to use a 3rd party threading library.

>Please adjust the installation script so that it can
>properly build on solaris on intel (Solaris x86).

This is difficult to do without making platform specific
assumptions AND without restriction use of third party
libraries (-lpthread and/or -lc).   I would much rather
have configure complain about brain damaged environments
than attempt to make sense from such... especially when
doing so might cause problems on well implemented

As such, I will implement additional checks to detect brain
damaged environments but will continue to require users
intervention to sort out the problems.

Please feel free to submit specific suggestions and/or