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Re: Adding rev id's to source files (ITS#41)

At 03:41 AM 1/13/99 GMT, rubenb@jany.gs.com wrote:
>I have CVS, but I'm behind a serious corporate firewall, so can't use it
>for openldap. 

We run a CVS pserver on https port.  Works right through most firewalls.
See http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?file=20 for details.

>However, if i know there is a bug in line 52 of search.c, I can look up
>the revision in CVS/Entries (if it is there), and what the tag was (in
>I guess I could say "there is a bug in line 52 of .../search.c in
>openldap-stable-981231", but I'm open to whatever you prefer.

Are you going to keep CVS files up to date by hand as you make subsequent

I rather you just provide a unified diff with a patch.  (if you have don't
have a fix, just add a comment describing the bug before running diff -u).

Of course, I much prefer 'cvs diff -u' generated patches.

	- Kurt