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Re: Adding rev id's to source files (ITS#41)

Kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
> The CVS directories are only useful if you have CVS.  If you have CVS,
> you should really grab OpenLDAP via AnonCVS or CVSup.  And, if you applied
> a patch, the patch (generated using CVSweb) the files in CVS wouldn't
> be updated.

I have CVS, but I'm behind a serious corporate firewall, so can't use it
for openldap. 

However, if i know there is a bug in line 52 of search.c, I can look up
the revision in CVS/Entries (if it is there), and what the tag was (in
I guess I could say "there is a bug in line 52 of .../search.c in
openldap-stable-981231", but I'm open to whatever you prefer.