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Re: ldif with too many newlines


On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, Seth Daniel wrote:

> I didn't see this in the ITS, nor did I come across any reference to this
> on relevant mailing lists so I figure I'll post here.  Even if it turns   
> out not
> to be a bug perhaps this will help out anyone else with a similar
> problem (but seeing that no one  else has mentioned this perhaps I
> am the only one!).
> I recently noticed a strange problem with searching.  I could not
> search for a dn directly.  I had to use a wildcard.   So if I wanted
> to search for "pmpin=11223344" (where pmpin was indexed) I would have
> to do a search for "pmpin=11223344\*".
> I now know what caused this.  At some point in my 16M ldif I had
> two newlines (instead of one) seperating entries.  Example:
> dn: pmpin=1560661,o=company.com
> objectclass: top
> objectclass: companypins
> pmpin: 1560661
> pmtype: 1.0
> pmlen: 300
> dn: pmpin=8886530670,o=company.com
> objectclass: top
> objectclass: companypins
> pmpin: 8886530670
> pmtype: 1.+
> pmlen: 500
> With this example (if I ran ldif2ldbm, and then started the server) I   
> would
> be able to find "pmpin=1560661", but searching for "pmpin=8886530670"
> would turn up nothing unless I used "pmpin=8886530670\*".   However,
> using wildcards tends to be quite a bit slower.
> So, anything below the two new-lines would not be found with a
> normal search.  I didn't try more than two lines seperating entries.
> I was using ldif(5) as an example of how to make an ldif.  It says
> at one point:
>     Multiple entries within the same LDIF file are separated by blank   
> lines.
> Unless I am reading this wrong this implies that more than one blank
> line can be between two entries.
> It took me quite some time to figure out exactly why searching was
> being so stubborn. =)
> The backend I'm using is gdbm.  I'm on OSF1.  I'll gladly supply
> any other information if requested.
> I hope this helps somewhat.

I ran into exactly the same thing, and it took me a long time to figure
out why.  I eventually redid all my ldif creation procedures to guarantee
only one blank line between entries.

I believe I saw something recently on the developer list about adding a
comment character, and eliminating more than one blank line, but I'm not

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