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Re: ldif with too many newlines

 Tue, Jan 12, 1999 at 03:08:00PM +0000, Seth Daniel wrote:
> I recently noticed a strange problem with searching.  I could not
> search for a dn directly.  I had to use a wildcard.   So if I wanted
> to search for "pmpin=11223344" (where pmpin was indexed) I would have
> to do a search for "pmpin=11223344\*".
> I now know what caused this.  At some point in my 16M ldif I had
> two newlines (instead of one) seperating entries.  Example:
> It took me quite some time to figure out exactly why searching was
> being so stubborn. =)
And we had a hard time to find out that when someone dumped
an old database in ASCII and converted to ldif to insert in
our ldap server he created several lines like

mail: jon@foo.com                                              \n
                   [up to the 80th column]

this also required a search using "*"