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Re: pls help: "Operations error" from ldapdelete (ITS#29)


> Here are a few things to try:
> 1) enable schema checking
>   rebuild with ldif2ldbm
> 2) add/modify/delete
>   with -d 1 -d 128

I had following setting tested:
- original database, rebuild with schema check off : same problem
- original database, rebuild with schema check on  : segmentation fault on
  ldapdelete (patch applied, its #31 ?).
- database with less than 10 entries, rebuild with schema check on/off :
  no problem at all.

> Also, to aid in our duplication of this, please upload a tarball
> with copies of:
>   test cases with exact commands used and expected output.
>     all commands should be ran with -v -d 1 and server -d 1 -d 128.
>   schema (your slapd.oc.conf, slapd.ac.conf files)
>   small ldif (with minimal entries needed for test cases)
>     please change all passwords to simple cleartext strings
>     matching the rdn of the entry.
> The tarball should be upload to ftp://ftp.openldap.org/pub/
> and named its-29-test-cases.tgz (gzipped tar file).   Please
> reply to this message when the tarball is available and provide
> a brief summary of the contents of the tarball, hints, etc.

I put the tar ball its-29-test-cases.tgz in ftp.openldap.org/incoming.  The tar 
ball contains :

cu.slapd.oc.conf : our slapd.oc.conf
schema_off.log   : command used and debug output of slapd (ldapdelete gives 
				   "Operation Error")
schema_on.log    : command used and debug output of slapd (ldapdelete gives
				   "Segmentation Fault")
test.conf		 : testing slapd configuration file
test.ldif		 : testing ldif contains several entries (original one contains
				   18,000+ entries, maybe the size is the cause of the problem)

Thanks a lot! /ST