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mkdep problem with native AIX compiler


the mkdep script will not work with the native C compiler for
AIX 4.3.2. The compiler writes the dependencies to for `foo.c' to
`foo.u' instead to stdout. There doesn't appear to be a possibility
to circumvent this. furthermore, the -M flag does not suppress the
normal compile/link activities, which results in compiling and
linking (at least trying to link) for the given files beside the
generation of the dependencies. This sucks (sorry). Maybe, just maybe,
a configuration test could be written to detect this weird behaviour
and the mkdep script adapted (adding e.g. -E flag, discarding the
output, and using the .u file, or whatever). A more convenient
workaround is probably to supply dependency files in the distribution
and merging them into the makefiles instead of running mkdep, like
e.g. egcs does for some libraries.

Now the positive message: using gcc for mkdep and cc_r for building
I was able to produce a slapd executable wich at least doesn't dump
core immediately after startup. More extensive testing is under way :).