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Re: suspected memory leaks in slapd (openldap-981116)

Jorg Pietschmann writes:

> there may be a few memory leaks in servers/slapd/add.c (do_add),
> at least one of them serious (bloody f**** tabs replaced for space
> conservation):
> (...)
> --- TYPE and VALS may be allocated on the heap, and should be freed,
> --- unless ber_scanf is intelligent enough to do this (i don't
> --- think it is)

If ber_scanf in openldap-devel fails, it now frees and zeroes the
pointers it allocated.  We should wait a bit and see what happens before
committing that change to -stable, though.  (It walks through the
variable argument list twice, so we should see if someone has a buggy
compiler which doesn't handle that properly.)

kdz plugged the other leaks, except one or two.