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Re: Missing x-rights (ITS#7)

At 10:35 AM 12/26/98 GMT, boris@prox.au.s.shuttle.de wrote:
>On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> They do have version number in their names...  you downloaded
>> from a symlink which points to the 'most recent release'.
>In this case it's netscapes fault. May be I use ncftp the next time.

You'll likely see the same behavior with most every ftp client.
It's basically a feature.

>> Was previously fixed and the snapshot replaced.
>I'm new LDAP, and couldn't find the admin guide mentioned in the man
>pages. Isn't it located on your web server?

We're still working on updating the U-Mich guide.  Until our updated
version is released, use the U-Mich 3.3 guide (available from their
website). (just ignore their installation section).