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Re: Can '--site-includes' and '--site-libs' be provided as (ITS#8)

At 08:19 AM 12/17/98 GMT, yusufg@huge.net wrote:
>Hi Kurt, Most users of OpenLDAP might find that mechanism more
>cumbersome that the equivalent scheme of providing that info in a
>configure command line

Then they can and should use environment variables.

The primary reason that the autoconf folks have not implemented
such options in their package is that the only feasilbe way of
sorting out './config.status --recheck' options vs environment
issues is for the options to OVERRIDE the environment settings.
However, most agree that this is not the desired behavior and
hence it has not been implemented.

If you have specific ideas on how to resolve this issue, please
bring it up with the Autoconf developers.  They have a mailing
list for such discussions, subscribe to by sending e-mail to