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Re: Missing x-rights (ITS#7)

At 10:36 AM 12/17/98 GMT, you wrote:
>I downloaded OpenLDAP 1.1 release.
>Suggestion: Include version numbers in the tgz-filenames!

They do have version number in their names...  you downloaded
from a symlink which points to the 'most recent release'.

>When doing the 
>cd test
>it failed because a 
> chmod u+x scripts/*
>is missing!

Was previously fixed and the snapshot replaced.

>I don't wanna be pedantic :-) but there's a typo in INSTALL, l. 170:
>	[env] CC="gcc -ansi -predantic" ./configure
>It should read "-pedantic".

A fix for this has already been committed to -devel.