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Problems with the caching code?

I've downloaded the latest stable version of OpenLDAP from the FTP
site (the 981207 snapshot), and I'm having a problem with entries
not being deleted properly.... 

i.e. I do some operations on some entries (using ldapmodify)
     I delete the entries                 (using ldapdelete)
     Executing ldapsearch returns all of the deleted entries, except for one.

     The DNs of the deleted entries are all upper-case.
     If I stop and re-start the slapd server, the entries are now completely
         gone (i.e. ldapsearch no longer returns anything).

Is this a known problem?
Has anyone looked into it yet?
If anyone wants specifics, I've stuck them on a web page:


  The database has about 15 entries
  The modify command changes 4 entries
  The delete command deletes the entries that the modify command touched.


	- Dan (Daniel Carroll - dan@mesastate.edu)