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Expected behaviour of ModRDN?

I have some questions about the ModifyRDN operation in LDAP:

If I have an object, say: cn=blob, o=my org, c=us
And I execute the following modifyRDN operation on it:
   ldapmodrdn "cn=blob, o=my org, c=us" "cn=newblob, o=my org, c=us"
This moves the entry to: cn=newblob, o=my org, c=us,cn=blob, o=my org, c=us

(Yes, I am aware that I would normally specify the new RDN as "cn=newblob",
but I discovered the above behaviour before I figured that out....)

  Is this the expected behaviour?
  If not, should this be an error?
  Is it legal to "move" an object deeper into the LDAP tree, using
    the ModifyRDN command?


	- Dan (Daniel Carroll - dan@mesastate.edu)