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Re: install


slurpd requires threads.   OpenLDAP 1.0 default threading under FreeBSD
is -DNO_THREADS.  You can ignore this error if not using slurpd.
If you need slurpd or would like to have OpenLDAP use threads, consult
the build/platforms/freebsd2-*/Make-platform files for hints.

OpenLDAP 1.1 will autodetect threads on most platforms and skip
building/testing slurpd when no threads are available.


At 02:00 AM 11/15/98 -0500, Mark Stosberg wrote:
>Hello! I'm excited about the why LDAP works, and the openldap project.
>I've got a bug report from an attempted installation on FreeBSD 2.2.6
> I had installed the FreeBSD port for openldap 1.0.2 and done
>"make", which worked fine. Then I changed to the work directory I typed 
>"make test". It looks like most the tests worked fine, but it died like this:
>Waiting 15 seconds for slurpd to send changes...
>Using ldapsearch to read all the entries from the master...
>Using ldapsearch to read all the entries from the slave...
>kill: 3403: No such process
>Comparing retrieved entries from master and slave...
>./test-db/master.out ./test-db/slave.out differ: char 1, line 1
>test failed - master and slave databases differ
>>>>>> ./scripts/test007-replication failed (exit 1)
>*** Error code 1
>I had the exact same results trying to install on 1.0.1 on this system.
> -mark
>Designer, Summersault Web Design